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Supbine quick actions makes dealing with customer support tickets easy and fast. Assigning support tickets has never been easier. Detect who’s working on ticket and choose to focus on only high priority conversations. Select status or time period for better handling new customers who’s seeking your help.

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Work Proactively using Time Order

Supbine Time Order is a new way to work proactively with your incomming phone calls. Take control over your Call Center with Customer requested Phone calls. You choose how often a Customer can request a call within your working hours. Need a break? No problem. You can create as many breaks you’d like.

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Apps are Native
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At Supbine we believe that integrations fits different needs. When it comes to traditional email clients, the integration must be implemented seamlessly. Our email integrations lets you manage multiple emails at once. Furthermore it is extremely fast, which means, that in the matter of seconds, you are ready to enhance your customer experience

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Solve queries
using File Sharing

We truely believe that communication should fit all kinds of people, and sometimes it requires a little more than words. Supbine lets you send up to 3 documents, images or spreadsheets to your customers or team members in a single message. You can easily see the file size, the name of the file and then download or view it with one click

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